Songs of Adoration of Lord Vinayaka (Vinayagar Thutip Paadal Paatu)

Implant in your intelligence,

The worshipful feet,

Of Uma-Shankar’s son,

The first born, five handed,

Elephant faced elegant,

With twin-white tusks,

Curved like the crescent-moon,

He is wisdom’s embodiment.

by Thirumoolar

Your words and deeds,

Shall with success meet,

Eloquence and eminence,

Shall be your rewards;

Therefore worship Him.

Even as celestials,

Raise their hands aloft,

In adoration and love,

To the elephant-visaged,

Vinayaka of victory.

by Kabilar


We meditate upon,

The immanent Being,

Accourted in white,

Whose divine form’s,

Matched by the moon’s glow;

The four armed,

Ever smiling,

Vinayaka of victory,

For the removal,

Of all obstacles,

On earthly life.

from a Sanskrit verse


Vinayaka cuts asunder,

The very roots of all,

Human suffering and sorrow;

Vinayaka destroys all desires;

Vinayaka is Lord indeed,

Of heaven and earth;

Surrender, therefore, unto Him,

With hearts that melt with devotion.

by Kabilar


We worship the scared feet,

Of the remover of obstacles,

The child of Maheswara,

The dimunitive Being,

Who adorns the scared thread;

The fan-eared; first born,

Who bestrides the Mushika,

With the Modaka-filled hand;

We worship Vinayaka of victory.

from a Sanskrit verse


In order that the heavens and earth,

May prosper and thrive;

The Vedic ways ever endure;

The sacred Tamil tongue,

Be reknowned the world-over,

We shall worship without fail,

The sagacious, five handed, triple-eyed,

Elephant-visaged Lord,

Vinayaka of victory.

by Umapathi Civam


I shall offer to You, O Lord!

The delicacies four;

Fresh milk; pure honey;

Cane sugar with cereals mixed,

O Elephant visaged,

Bright-jewelled Lord of the Universe,

If you will enrich me,

With the treasure-triple-Tamil tongue,

Acclaimed by the ancient academies.

by Avvaiyar


In order that we may,

Purify our earthly births;

Attain with effortless ease,

All that’s treasured by the mind,

Let us all in adoration

Worship the petalled-feet,

Of the elephant-visaged

Triple-eyed, Being of Beauty.

by Kaciappa Civaccariar


Those who worship without fail,

The grace-granting feet of Ganesa,

With flowers fresh and fragrant,

Shall acquire, eloquence of speech;

Fruitful friendship; besides gaining,

The graceful glance of the

Lotus seated Laxmi’s eyes,

Which will ensure,

Every human happiness on earth.

by Avvaiyar

O first-born,

Elephant-visaged Lord!

The harbinger of,

Of good tidings;

The immaculate-Lord;


Son of Shiva,

Of the scared tresses,

Unto thy feet,

I surrender myself.

by Ramalinga Atikal



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