Worldwide Nagarathar Discussion Group

All Nagarathars (Nattukottai Chettiars) irrespective of age and sex can register themselves to be listed in Worldwide Nagarathar Discussion Group. This group serves  the community members by creating a forum to discuss on ideas and problems pertaining to Nagarathars all around the globe. Those who wish to be members of the discussion group are kindly requested to email Nagarathar Discussion Group at with the particulars that are listed below:

Name of Spouse
Temple (with the respective pirivu, if any)
Email address
Correspondence address

The temple and village information is necessary to verify the nagarathar status. This is to ensure that only nagarathars will be included in the discussion group and to protect the privacy of the members.

Please note that the primary mode of communication will be of electronic mail but important matters will also be discussed through other modes of communication.

Please address queries to